Bag It Trailer

In case you didn’t already know, there is an amazing event being held tonight in Fremantle which is yet another step towards a Plastic Free Freo. Tonight at the Fremantle Town Hall Bag It will be screening; the award winning documentary directed by Suzan Beraza and figure-headed by ‘ordinary guy’ Jeb Berrier.

The documentary follows Jeb as he has a sustainable awakening of sorts; not only him realising how involved he is in the problem but also the potential for him (like any of us) to be involved in the solution as well. The documentary is lighthearted and humorous at the same time as being deeply profound and motivational. Check out the trailer below;

Plastic Free Freo is very proud to bring the Fremantle community together once again (with help from Ecoburbia and the City of Fremantle) for a free screening of Bag It. Click the link to go through to all the details or just see the flyer below.

These events are always so happy and welcoming. A great place to chat, meet like-minded individuals, debate or just enjoy a free movie with light refreshments provided.  Lisa Griffin (the brains, muscles and feet behind Plastic Free Freo) – will be there as will blogger Olive on Blonde (hello!) snapping away on her camera. Come say hello. We’d love to see you.


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