Look Who Is On The Front Page Today…

Well for those of you who have not heard, the crew here at Plastic Free Freo woke up to a very welcome surprise this morning. The story of our campaign was on the front page of The West Australian Newspaper, which has an average circulation of 203,304 daily. That equates to a lot of homes and a lot of eyes and minds being opened up to the idea of a Plastic Free city. It might just to be the best Valentines Day present ever.

The West Australian Newspaper, 14th February 2012

If you would like to read the whole article about Fremantle becoming the first Council in Australia to outlaw single-use bags please click here.

In celebration of the amazing interest being given to our campaign please find us on our brand spanking new Facebook Page. The page will keep you posted on the campaign progress, allow you to collaborate on events and issues, screenings, talks and workshops. Most importantly it is a place where we can grow the solidarity of a community who care about reducing plastics and protecting our environment. Spread the word, share it with your friends, shout it from a mountain top if you have one close by… a Plastic Free Freo is coming!


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