Freo Bag Ban Makes A Big Splash

In a world with so many downhill slopes pointing away from progress, where our
leaders repeatedly make bad choices for the health of our natural environment,
where all the issues seem to be piled into one giant mountain of unmanageable
mess, It’s an incredible feeling to be able to look to the town hall, take a moment,
and thank your politicians.

Image courtesy of

Thank you to the Fremantle Council for raising your votes in favour of Plastic Free Freo.

Thank you for taking the first step to enforce a reduction in plastic consumption
which is recognised in legislation.

Thank you for not ignoring our endangered marine life.

Thank you for working together with your community, turning a small effort into
massive change.

That said, here’s a quick update on what happened in the media this week:

The story hit the front page of the West Australian.

Which was a rather nice way to wake up Tuesday morning : )

Then Channel 9 news picked the story up but I couldn’t make the interview so they just interviewed
the Mayor instead. You can see that here.

Then it hit the ABC and went national.

Image from ABC

And Perth Now.

Image from Perthnow

The Sydney Morning Herald.

Image from SMH

It also hit WA Today, Mayor Pettit’s blog, about 15 individual green pages and blogs. Let’s just say it
went viral overnight.

So what’s my point? This bag ban isn’t going away this time. This is 2012 baby. The year of


6 thoughts on “Freo Bag Ban Makes A Big Splash

  1. Congratulations to Lisa and the team…..pity the reports don’t give any acknowledgement to the community campaign which I think is the empowering story.

    Nevertheless, our community support is still required to keep the campaign on track until it is seen as normal behaviour……just a few years away! Easy!


  2. Fantastic stuff Lisa and team 🙂 I saw the beginning with the first petitions going around Freo and the Bag Monster menacing passers by… now I get to return to WA knowing the Freo Council has voted in favour of the bag ban, incredible stuff! I knew it would happen though was expecting it to take longer.. Very cool.

    Two Hands Project

  3. I’m absolutely amazed guys!! I too knew you guys would get there but expected a much greater fight, you guys have showed that with a well structured campaign and fantastic effort from many people, this change is possible. I am so so so stoked about your success and can’t wait to come and see the fruits of your labour when I come back to WA.

    Tim Silverwood
    Co-founder of ‘Take 3’

  4. It would seem that you have never supported Bodkins Bootery. We started out in 1972 using paper carry bags that we personally printed with a large rubber block. Then and some years later we discovered the bag supplier to Dingo Flour Mill. We had been buying their Logo printed bags and cutting them up to make mens shirts.. So since the mid 1970’s we have been giving out Cotton bags with all shoes sold.
    We can offer to other retailers bags 9up to the size we use) for between a $1 to $1.50 ea in qtys of 1000 and in 2 colours.
    They are available with strap variations and are suitable for bike riders.
    Some acknowlegement on this site to retailers who use alternate to plastic, should be shown on this site. And I dont mean the likes of the synthetic Coles type bag

    • Hi Robert,

      Thanks for your comment. Actually the organization Plastic Free Freo has only been around for the better part of half a year and is definitely looking to tee up with as many organizations and local retailers who support plastic reduction as possible : ) Love how you’ve gone about recycling and reducing all at once. It’s all about using the resources we already have instead of demanding the manufacture of more. I am also not in favour of the vegetable based plastics as a sustainable alternative. We’re fighting the same fight : ) Thank you so much for finding the site and letting us know about your option. Someone will be in touch to discuss with you soon.

      Kindest regards,

      ~lisa G

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